An Average High Schooler on Trump

As a high school student living in the swing state of North Carolina, talking about politics on a daily basis is not really a choice. Because of our state’s importance in this upcoming election, every lunch table at school is teeming with shouts like, “Build the wall!” and “Stop the bigotry”. As Generation Z, we have lots of power when it comes to the future of politics. It is important for our generation to get out, vote and seek to become active members of our democracy.

Why do I support Trump?

I’ll be honest, the Republican candidate has said some pretty outrageous things. Whether he is offending women or offending Muslims, you can almost bet Trump has said something offensive (whether it be truthful or not) toward the religion, race, and/or social class you belong to. Being politically incorrect is what makes Donald Trump who he is. I believe we need a president who isn’t afraid to tell the truth and be real with the American people. The Donald is the only person running for president looking to put America’s interests first, especially in the areas of trade, defense, and immigration. Hillary has proven herself weak in all three categories. She wants to increase our intake of Syrian refugees by 500%, cut military spending, and believes that open borders are a great idea. Putting all three of these stances in place would be devastating for America.

How you can help.

I currently volunteer three days a week at the Craven GOP office. I’ve made tons of yard signs, been door knocking, and even helped a few people register to vote. I’ve met some pretty amazing people in the process as well. To be able to work alongside people who are so passionate about the candidates they support and are so willing to do anything to help elect their candidates is a pretty inspiring thing to a part of. If you would be interested in volunteering, give our office a call. We would be more than happy to have your help.

Craven GOP Phone: 252-649-0303