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“Dave Chadwick: Democrats Trying to Scare Black Voters” (Article on Newsmax.com)

Monday, October 27, 2014 11:24 AM By: Melissa Clyne Democrat scare tactics directed at African Americans are both insulting and infuriating, said African-American businessman Dave Chadwick onNewsmax TV’s “America’s Forum.” “It’s a bit disappointing how they choose to talk down to us, as if we’re too stupid to understand that no one is going to […]

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2014 Party Platform Comparison – Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference? We Disagree.

Family Issue Republican Democrat Families “We affirm the sovereignty of parental rights over their children’s welfare from conception to emancipation.” (Article I) “Government…should protect children from abuse and neglect, balancing parental rights with the protection of a child’s health and safety.” (I) “Democrats pledge our steadfast commitment to improving the lives of children and families. […]

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August 9th GOP District 3 Elections

On August 9th Eddella Johnson was re-elected Member-at-Large from NC District 3 to the State GOP Executive Committee. Catherine (Cat) Stash was newly elected as a Member-at-Large from District 3 to the NCGOP Executive Committee at the same meeting. Congratulations to both; thanks for your contributions.

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Final Two Radio Interviews with Senator Norman Sanderson!

Here are the final two in a series of radio interviews with Senator Norman Sanderson. The Senator discusses important topics like Common Core, Tort Reform, Grassroots involvement in government, and how the North Carolina Legislature can work to protect North Carolina citizens from unconstitutional federal actions. He also talks about how individuals can communicate with their […]

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North Carolina GOP Passes Resolutions and Endorses Judicial Candidates

Yesterday, the North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee met in Greensboro. Four voting members attended from Craven County including Ron Cherry, Lucille Dicktel, Ceil Wasserman, and Mark Jones. Lillian Cregar also attended as a guest. Two very significant outcomes resulted from the Saturday meeting. First, the Executive Committee unanimously passed 11 resolutions that were not addressed […]

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Radio Interviews with Representative Michael Speciale and Senator Norman Sanderson

Following the end of Speciale’s interview, this segment includes the beginning of a series of interviews with Senator Norman Sanderson. The Representative and Senator discuss important topics like Common Core, Tort Reform, and how the North Carolina Legislature can work to protect North Carolina citizens from unconstitutional federal actions. Interviews 1 and 2 with Representative Speciale […]

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Will 2014 see the re-election of Michael Speciale and Norm Sanderson, the election of Chip Hughes and Mark Griffin, the firing of Kay Hagan, and the demotion of Harry Reid so that the US Senate can actually function again? It will if we do our part. The Craven County GOP is looking for people to […]

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Michael Speciale interview, Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Representative Michael Speciale can be heard below. Part 1 was posted June 26 and can be found by going back on our webpage. In Part 2, we continue to discuss the role that the North Carolina legislature can play in protecting our state’s citizens from unconstitutional federal actions. In […]

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